Jagrit Pratap Singh


You can call me Jagrit.

I believe we have not been formally introduced, but there's a good chance you follow at least one of my Facebook pages, or you might have watched a viral video I promoted.

I'm a digital marketer and a self made entrepreneur. I've been in the internet marketing scene since early 2010's and have been an Internet bug since the time of dial-up connections.

I provide video views and traffic to various brands and websites with the help of my Facebook pages. In the last 7 years I have delivered over 2 billion video views. I work with an US audience and have been focused on the US market since I began working online. I run Facebook pages in various niches ranging from automobiles to dogs. I've been in the organic viral marketing business since 2012.

The odds are that you discovered a funny video you laughed at with your friends and family or a doggo doing cute things via one of my Facebook pages.

I run a multitude of ventures, including management of E-Commerce ventures in the United States that do over 2 million USD in revenue yearly. I'm bootstrapped and do everything on my own without angel investors or any of that fancy lending stuff. It always brings me pride being one of the foundation builders for viral marketing before it became mainstream. I'm forever thankful to my country for enabling me to achieve my dreams and conquer my goals. If I see potential in an online business, I help scale it with my experience and expertise.

My primary venture is Hiptoro - a viral content distribution platform. Started in 2017, Hiptoro was ranked among the top 900 websites in the world and among the top 200 websites in the US according to Alexa (You can check it out here).

Today, Hiptoro is ranked among top 50,000 websites in the world and continues to grow.

I'm also an enthusiast of fast cars, I've got a V8 and a V6 in my possession, I was among the first 100 people in India to own a Ford Mustang.

Some of my Facebook pages


2 Billion+

Organic facebook video views delivered


A-Lister Hollywood Celebrity Facebook Pages Managed

300 Million

Pageviews delivered to partner websites

450,000 +

Customers served through
my e-commerce ventures till date

15 Million+

Weekly Content Reach in the United States


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